NFT Architectural visualization offers the possibility of creating or buying an NFT architectural visualization. Which uses the blockchain system to convert the images into non-fungible tokens. This makes it possible to accurately identify the original copy of the render and to be able to use it as a key in various applications.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. A token is a unit of value assigned to a business model, such as a cryptocurrency. Any digital file can be transformed into an NFT, which will be authenticated as original by a blockchain, such as Ethereum. This means that all computers connected to that network share files with the identity of the NFT. As these networks are made up of tens of millions of computers, it is impossible to hack an NFT.

Why do I need an architecture render in NFT

Architectural rendering, as well as videos and other info-architecture products, have the problem of being intangible assets. It is very common for images to be copied and spread without control, especially on social networks. For this reason methods are being implemented to incorporate NFTs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In fact, on Twitter it is already possible in the United States by having a Twitter Blue subscription.

Tokenizing the renders will allow you to include it on social networks as its owner, as well as sell it together with the project. The owner of the image, video or info product is defined at all times.

How can I buy an NFT architecture render?

To buy an NFT architectural rendering, you need to have a token wallet to be able to move the NFT between platforms. The most popular is Metamask, although there are many others such as Coinbase or Alphawallet. The portfolios or wallets allow you to transfer the NFT from Opensea to the platform of your choice.

With the NFTs wallet you can access Opensea and buy our NFTs, after that you would be the owner of the original copy of the render.

NFT Architectural visualization

You can access our NFT store at the following links. These are the nft architecture renders currently for sale.

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360vr offers a selection of infoarchitecture services. This will optimize the vision that clients have of your real estate development or your investment project. This translates into better public exposure and increased sales.

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