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Architectural animation is the best way to promote yourself on youtube and instagram. Due to the visual nature of the internet, videos communicate space very well and convey quality. This format allows the interpretation and dissemination of projects in collaboration with the media.

Being able to recreate the feeling that a space gives you when you visit it for the first time is a constant goal of projects.

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What is an architectural animation?

An architectural animation is made using 3d software, recreating space and applying light. Unlike rendering, which is a single image, architectural animation is done by superimposing images creating the animated effect. Depending on the quality of the render, a more or less realistic animation can be obtained. Although more realism requires a higher production cost.

How to make an architectural animation?

animación arquitectónica

To elaborate the architectural animations we have two methods:

Animation from spherical image

Videos from spherical images allow you to take advantage of the high image quality of a virtual tour to create an animation. Although its movement is limited to the rotation of the camera within the image itself.

Rendered animation

Rendered videos make new images to compose an animation. Many images must be used to make a smooth video. Therefore, it is not possible to match the virtual tour in image quality. These architectural animations have more naturalness in camera movement.

We edit and post-process your architecture animation

We have a royalty-free music library. Therefore they can be used in advertisements without problems. We will also add your slogan and logo to the video, having several editing options to choose from. Finally we will compress it in the video format you need.

In the elaboration of the animations we will help you to visualize the best scenes for your project. Interspersing the shots with transitions, texts and effects that help to show the concept of the project.

Our architectural visualization services

360vr offers a selection of architectural visualization services. This will optimize the vision that clients have of your real estate development or your investment project. This translates into better public exposure and increased sales.

Contact us and ask for your architecture animation

Request information or request a quote without obligation. Leave a message in the questionnaire and I will contact you within a maximum period of 24 hours.

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